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WhatsApp Makes It Harder To Forward Broadcast Messages



A few weeks ago WhatsApp designed a new feature that helps users know when a message is forwarded to them by including an indicator that marks it is forwarded right above the content of the message.

There’s even better news, besides making it more difficult for your parents and friends to send you annoying broadcast messages, for security reasons, starting this month users of WhatsApp will find it harder to spread content. They will no longer be able to forward messages to more than 20 people in one go, down from more than 100.

According to The Economist, In India, the upper limit is just five and WhatsApp has removed the “quick forward” button from audio, video and images, adding an extra step to the process of sending content.

The goal is not to prevent people from sharing information only but to get users to think about what they are passing on. It is an idea other platforms should consider copying.

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