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How My Wife Saved My life – Kanu Nwankwo



Ex-Super Eagles captain, Kanu Nwankwo and his wife, Amara, has recounted what transpired before his second heart operation.

How My Wife Saved My life – Kanu Nwankwo

How My Wife Saved My life – Kanu Nwankwo


Kanu first had an open-heart surgery in 1996 after a routine medical examination at Inter Milan revealed a heart valve defect.

The Arsenal legend said Amara saved his life and then nursed him back to health.

The couple spoke with DailyMail UK.

30-year-old Amara said her husband’s hammering heartbeat kept her awake and that she could not shake the feeling that something was not quite right.

She insisted that her husband got it checked immediately

She recalls, “His heartbeat sounded much louder than normal. I was listening to his chest and it sounded odd.”

Kanu added, “She was saying I should go for a check-up so I took her advice.”

And his wife was proved right because doctors told him there was further damage to his heart and he urgently needed a second operation.

Amara added, “It was the same faulty valve. It was like a ticking time bomb. It’s just one of those things we were lucky to find out.”

Not only did she save his life, Amara also nursed him back to health.

Kanu concluded by saying, “Now I know that being fit and strong doesn’t make your heart 100%.”

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