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Winston Duke Wants M’Baku To Have His Own ‘Black Panther’ Spin-Off



While Marvel’s acclaimed hit, Black Panther, was littered from top to bottom with lovable characters — Shuri, Okoye and even the villainous Killmonger, just to name a few — the one character that we gravitated to the most was definitely M’Baku.

With his Igbo-inspired accent, his unapologetic confidence and his surprisingly kind heart, it’s not that hard to see why everyone — especially Nigerians — loved M’Baku so much. Now, the actor who brought him to glorious life, Winston Duke, thinks he deserves his own spin-off

Although M’Baku is set to make an appearance in Avengers: Infinity War, the crowded roster means we won’t get to see as much of him as we would like. That’s why we are totally here for Duke’s idea for a movie that puts the character front and centre.

Speaking with Newsweek about this, Duke said:

“M’Baku has a really spontaneous, creative life outside of Wakanda. He’s a very interesting character. He’s a character that’s been unexplored within that universe.

It would be great to just fill out his narrative and just fill out what a person who looks like him and behaves like him can get up to. That’ll be something that’s welcomed happily by me.”

It would definitely be great to explore more of Wakanda and the stories that exist within the fictional nation, and as much as we love Chadwick Boseman’s strong portrayal of T’Challa, we don’t necessarily need him leading the charge for that. So, yes, sign us up for that M’Baku spin-off.

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