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Wizkid Gave An Inspiring Message To Young Artist: Be Yourself, Leave Your Comfort Zone and 3 Other Music Tips Every Young Artist Should Acquire



Every musician and singer has their career path, and what works for Wizkid might not particularly be the perfect fit for others. However, Wizkid’s success can be mirrored to an extent.

As a budding musician who is ready work hard and smart, and it is glaring that you are creative and talented, there are a few attributes you can imbibe from a renowned artist like Wizzy.



five tips young musician and artist can learn from Wizkid

1. Growth:

As a young musician, allow yourself to grow. Know what works for you while consciously trying to evolve. Don’t make a complete or sudden switch that would make your core followers and fans lose connection with you music.

2. Leave your comfort zone:

Wizkid became famous when he got signed to the EME music label. He could have stayed in the comfort of an established label, but he decided to leave in 2013.

3. Build a relationship with your fans:

Big Wiz’s fanbase Wizkid FC, is today one of the largest and most active fanbases in the world. This was achievable because Big Wiz has stayed true to his identity all through his career.

4. Don’t be afraid to expand:

Bigwiz didn’t stop growing. His music has taken him across the world and he has won prestigious awards like headies,  for his music.

5. Be yourself, don’t try to be like other Artist:

Big Wiz has never been the loudest or even the most popular from the start, but he has always tried to stay true to himself. He has never been one that seeks public validation but has always stayed ultra-competitive.

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