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World’s Most Expensive Christmas Sweater Selling For Nearly $40K



A holiday sweater made from silk, 24-carat gold, diamonds and Swarovski crystals is being sold by a U.K.-based artist who made it himself.

After taking months to craft what he’s calling the “world’s most expensive” sweater, Aidan Liban, 33, from London, is selling the garment for $39,654.00 (£30,000).

According to Liban’s website, he spent all of his savings to make the sweater and plans to donate some of the funds from the sweater’s purchase to the U.K.’s National Health Service.

Liban apparently spent 3,000 hours making the sweater by hand. The Italian silk sweater has more than 150 diamonds, almost 2,000 Swarovski crystals and 24-carat gold thread, according to the website.

He spent about $9,252 (£7,000) for all the materials, according to SWNS. He told the news agency that the sweater’s selling price is so high because of all the hours he spent on nights and weekends to make it by hand.

SWNS reported that Liban made the sweater as a luxurious version of the traditional “ugly” Christmas sweater. He came up with the idea last year during the coronavirus lockdown and was only able to finish the sweater last month.

“It is a true piece of art,” Liban said, per SWNS. “I had a vision and I made it come true. I wanted to create something magnificent and eye-catching.”

According to SWNS, Liban said he improvised a lot of the sweater’s design, which has a picture of a reindeer standing in the snow, with a Christmas tree in the background and stars and snowflakes all over the garment. The reindeer even has a Swarovski locket around its neck.

“Christmas jumpers [sweaters] were never really in my family tradition, so I thought I’d do it in style,” Liban said, adding that the sweater, “tells a story. It’s a fun novelty piece.”

“It’s very rare that something of this quality is made, it’s very exciting,” he added. “I want it to wow people and break up the doom and gloom we’ve been hearing about for the past few years.”


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